’s Rating Process

Our site includes various casino reviews, recommendations, and rankings. While we know all the rationales we use to analyze online casinos and casino apps, how can you trust our process?

Here we cover the factors we consider when creating our rankings, how we create different ratings for different categories, and what differentiates our system from others.

Lastly, we describe how we verify that all the casinos we recommend are trustworthy and safe.


Our Trusty Evaluation Guide

Information on the internet should always be viewed with a grain of salt.
In any way, by following our core values, we always put the player first. Explaining our process is the best way to show you that our site is trustworthy.

Regardless of the casino’s performance, we also include any improvements they could make in our reviews.


The Rating Criteria

Our rating criteria has six critical sections, and we analyze five factors within each section. After the final score is tallied, our expert opinion weighs in. As part of that process, we assess each state’s casino market, which can affect the final rating.

But in the end, we have to put ourselves in your shoes.



Before we get started with any casino review, we always start by checking the casino’s security and trustworthiness. The main objective of the security check is to establish if they fit the scope of UScasinos, if they are illegal we don’t do them.

  1. Licensing – We check in with the state gambling authority to confirm that the operator’s license is valid.  Some examples of said organizations include but are not limited to the NJ Division of Gambling Enforcement and Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board.
  2. Encryption – When it comes to online casinos, SSL encryption is mandatory. To assess the site’s encryption, we check the certificate’s validity to ensure that all information you share with the casino is protected from prying eyes.
  3. RNG test – In the US, state regulators are in charge of RNG audits and testing. However, we also check for certification from independent testing agencies to ensure randomness and fair play.
  4. Responsible gambling – We check the operators’ dedication to responsible gambling by checking the self-control limits available such as the opportunity to self-exclude and close your account.
  5. Comparison – Here, we compare the operator’s overall security to other sites and check if the regulator’s licensing requirements have been met.

The casino sites we recommend are transparent about their licensing and go to great lengths to protect you and your funds.


Bonuses and Promotions

While the welcome bonus for new players is important, some operators go to great lengths to provide promotions for existing players too.

  1. Welcome bonus – Welcome bonuses are divided into three categories: deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spins
  2. Terms and conditions – Fair bonus terms are essential if you want the bonus to be worth your time. Transparency and simplicity are key to us. Ultimately, we check to see if any wagering requirements are unreasonable for the bonus.
  3. Promotions – Aside from welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions are a huge plus for existing casino players. Whenever possible, we check for existing promotions such as friend referral programs or game promos like free spins.
  4. VIP and loyalty rewards – As an added bonus, VIP loyalty programs are a fantastic perk for players. Our loyalty evaluation covers the level of loyalty, how to earn rewards points, and the perks of loyalty membership.
  5. Comparison – By rating and comparing casino bonuses, we strive to show you bonuses with reasonable wagering requirements that are worth your time.

The goal of this step is to ensure that you’re informed about all bonuses and if they are worth claiming.


Games and Software

The specialized variety of options makes this an extensive category. Aside from slot variety, we also check the table games, live dealer games, and any specialty games that will enhance the casino experience.

As part of this process, casino games are also tested on each available platform, usually including the mobile app and website. It is common to run into technical issues when playing casino games, which is why we place an emphasis on support options. Specifically, we check customer support options that are exclusive during gameplay.

Additionally, we keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for any game crash reports and new updates.

  1. Game variety – Check how many games are available, whether all types of casino games are covered, and whether exclusive titles are included.
  2. Filters and features – Our goal is to find gaming libraries that are easy to use. Those casinos that rank well have a variety of ways for players to search, sort, and filter their game libraries.
  3. Software providers – As we research software providers, we look for popular brands like NetEnt, WMS, and IGT as well as small brands like High 5 Gaming. Our search includes looking through the wide range of games, graphics, and exciting features.
  4. Demo games – Demo versions of casino games can be a great way to get familiar with a game and its features before depositing any real money.
  5. Comparison – Finally, we compare the entire casino game and slot selection to others in the market.

Gaming providers are required to get and renew their gaming software licenses. Regular audits are used to verify the integrity of the software provider’s random number generators.



During the interface evaluation process, we focus primarily on the platforms’ accessibility. It’s important to compare speed and to determine the most notable differences between the platforms. Whenever the gaming library or any other thing differs between platforms, we make sure to make that clear.

For example, IGT has a lot of games from the 2000s that will unlikely be mobile-friendly. Mobile casinos have one noticeable difference: the menus and buttons have been refashioned to fit the smaller screens.

  1. Mobile-friendliness – Our team looks at whether the desktop casino site is compatible with mobile devices.
  2. App availibility – To find compatible casino apps, we look for apps that can be downloaded easily on iOS and Android devices.
  3. Navigation – To ensure that you do not need to use a desktop site, we test the navigation menu for ease of navigation and ease of use.
  4. Support – We check to see if there are customer support options in the mobile app, or if you can only contact them via email or desktop.
  5. Comparison – Finally, we compare how smoothly the casino app operates in comparison with others in the state and nation.

Payment Methods

Another factor to consider when choosing the best online casino is the payment methods. Transaction times, limits, and sometimes even fees are associated with each payment method. To simplify the process of depositing and withdrawing, we aim to present the most convenient methods.

Even if security is the main concern, you don’t have to worry – the payment methods listed on the casino site have been thoroughly evaluated (encryption, fraud monitoring, multi-factor authentication).

  1. Variety – Aside from the standard payment processors like Visa or Mastercard, we also look into alternatives such as PayPal or Skrill.
  2. Process – Through this process, we determine how quick and easy it is to deposit money into our account.
  3. Transaction times – Every payment method has a unique transaction time that is tested for accuracy. Our team also checks to see if additional documents are needed to speed up the transaction. Generally, faster deposits and withdrawals will result in better ratings.
  4. Limits and fees – Due to the differences in the minimum and maximum limits between payment methods and operators, it’s essential to mention them. Generally, casinos have minimum limits of $5, and maximum limits are upwards of $50,000. Fees, however, are rare but mentioned when they occur.
  5. Comparison – Aside from comparing the overall market, we wish to ensure that every payment category is available at the casino.

Legal casinos in the US require all available payment methods to be vetted by federal regulators.



We want to make sure any question you have is answered. We look for live chat, email, phone, and social media support options when testing.

  1. Support options – We look for live chat, email, phone, and social media support options when testing.
  2. Working hours – Depending on the platform, we check to see if customer service hours vary and if the hours suit working people.
  3. Responsiveness – To begin this process, we send out a few test emails, make a few phone calls, and test the response times of the slower support options.
  4. Knowledge – Since you should be in the best hands, we look at the knowledge of the casino support staff.
  5. Comparison – Here, we mainly compare the support options and hours across the industry.

To recommend an operator, we always test their support using various channels to see how fast and well they react. Measures include quality of assistance, response time, and communication methods, among others.

Although social media support is not recommended, many operators offer support through their Twitter or Facebook profiles.


Why Trust Us?

Perfection is unattainable, but we are trying to get as close as possible. Our core values and review criteria allow us to provide sound advice with every casino review.

  • Only review legal US casinos
  • Claims are backed by data
  • Casinos organized by state availability
  • State by state casino data
  • Regularly updated casino bonus info
  • Deep understanding in US gambling law
  • Every casino is not reviewed yet
  • Newcomer in the US market

Not All Review Sites are Reliable

The reviews you shouldn’t trust may be the result of one, or all of these factors. Identifying those traits can seem challenging at first.

Even so, you must learn this since if you love to play online games, you will come across many review sites.


UScasinos Quick Tips for Spotting Bias

Spotting bias in reviews is easy if you know what to look for. However, if you are not skeptical, i.e., you are not looking for it specifically, it’s easy to miss it completely.

When reading reviews, you should pay attention to the following:

No data to support claims – This is particularly true when some very strong claims are made. Any data is better than no data. The sources sometimes cannot be revealed, but they can also help to back up information and reassure players that the piece of information is reliable.

Brief casino reviews – Note, that a long review doesn’t mean it’s unbiased. It all comes down to what it includes. Nevertheless, a short review with not a lot of details, and no interpretation/comparisons is a sign of bias.

Vague rating rules – To know if the top lists match your criteria, the rating rules have to be public. Moreover, they should be explained so even new casino players can benefit from them.

Ever-changing top lists – It’s highly unlikely that several casinos update their game offer and their welcome bonuses at the same time. It also is unlikely that these changes can have an impact across all listings.



At the end of the day, it’s always wise to check out casino reviews before depositing your money. With our help, we will ensure you always stick to licensed casino sites.

In addition, we also understand that every casino is made differently. It is still our duty to show you the good, the bad, and all the fun in between.


The UScasinos rating guide is a comprehensive look at the casino operators. By using user testing and being players ourselves, we’re able to come up with a rating guide that helps any level of player.

The rating guide always has the same foundation, but we do regularly add specialized rating criteria as it becomes the standard in the industry.

Each of the casino ratings has 5 separate subcategories that will alter the overall score. Ultimately, we do take the state gambling regulation into consideration, since that can have a huge impact on the operator.

The team of UScasinos experts personally reviews all casino sites in the US. Our responsibility is to keep all of the reviews up to date, clear, and simple to understand. With a combined experience of over 10 years in the industry, all of us bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

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