A closer look at old Vegas casinos

old vegas casinos

Casinos have been central to the Las Vegas experience since the Golden Gate Casino opened its doors way back in 1906. They exploded in popularity in the 1960s, but it’s not always been plain sailing for casino operators. Faced with a tough economic climate, Vegas in the 80s was under pressure. Bold moves from some […]

Online casino payment methods with RG commitments

online casino payment methods

For most people, gambling is an enjoyable form of entertainment that can spice up a night out or add a little extra interest to a televised sporting event. That’s not the case for everyone though. According to the National Center for Responsible Gaming, approximately 1% of American adults fall into the category of problem gamblers. […]

A guide on the importance of KYC in online casinos

how kyc works in online casinos

Online gambling has exploded in popularity in America since being legalized in a number of states. With the expanding online gaming market being worth billions of dollars, it’s hugely important for online casinos, sportsbooks and of course, the players themselves to be sure that games are above board, and that customer funds and identities remain […]

Why is Twitch banning casino streams?

Twitch casino ban

Since its launch back in 2011, Twitch has grown into one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world. Attracting millions of viewers every day, its rise has not been without controversy, especially when it comes to gambling. Some of the platform’s most popular content features casino stream feeds. Twitch gambling streamers like Tyler “Trainwrecks” […]

Do safer gambling actions decrease online casinos’ profit?

safe gambling actions

According to the National Center for Responsible Gambling (NCRG), “Approximately 1 percent of the adult population in the United States has a severe gambling problem.” The issue appears even more acute with young adults with the NCRG reporting that “6 to 9 percent of young people and young adults experience problems related to gambling.” There’s […]

Highest and lowest online gambling taxes worldwide

A big casino win, live or online, doesn’t always mean an enormous payout. In some countries, a significant chunk can disappear into the hands of the government courtesy of gambling taxes. Take for example, the winner of this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event, Espen Jorstad from Norway. If he was still a resident […]

A guide to achieving big money on online slot machines

big money in online slot machines

Online slot machines are some of the most popular games to play. With slick sound and visuals, fast-paced action and the potential for big online slot machine wins, it’s easy to see why. Though determined by luck, there are a few things that players can do to ensure they get the best bang for their […]

The top-rated online games for women to play now

online games for women

For years, casinos were seen as smoky rooms full of men that weren’t very female friendly. Hugely successful poker players like Jennifer Harman and Liv Boeree have done much to buck that male dominated trend. Now, with the rise of legalized online gaming, there are more opportunities for women to try their luck. Studies show […]

What makes Las Vegas buffets so tempting for travelers?

Buffet las vegas

Don’t get us wrong, we here at love a posh meal Vegas style. Sometimes though, you just want the ease and convenience of the classic Las Vegas buffet. Join the line, pick your favorite dish (or usually dishes) and away you go. That combination of quality, variety, value and simplicity has made the Las […]

Is poker a game of skill or luck? And other casino games?

is poker a game of skill or luck

Enter a casino (live or online) and you could be forgiven for thinking that all games are created equally. Most come with chips and often playing cards. There are some big, big differences between poker and casino games like roulette and baccarat though. In this blog, we’ll look at the age-old question. Is poker skill […]

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