About Us

The US online gaming market is expanding with never-before-seen momentum. We, UScasinos.com, have found our place in the market, as a platform where casino players and gaming enthusiasts can find everything they need related to casino games and legal US online casinos.


UScasinos is an all-inclusive legal US gaming platform. Our goal is to provide updated information on anything gaming related, both online and offline. To promote and give exposure to high value casino bonuses, praise good customer service and give the spotlight to operators that are continuously developing, improving the players’ experience.

Who We Are

We are part of KaFe Rocks Group, an affiliate gaming company with more than 150 employees, with presence in 15+ markets worldwide, and the US gaming market being our latest challenge. Our objective is “to be the lighthouse of the gaming industry” and to make it easier for players to navigate the market. UScasinos.com is the lighthouse in the center of all gaming developments in the US.

Our Team

These are the people behind every casino review, every casino game guide and every casino bonus update.


Core Principles

  • Transparency – Whatever the case is, we always give you the full story. This is how we build trust. This is also how you can get the whole picture and make a verdict based on your personal criteria. Sometimes, we can only do this, and it’s on you to make the final step.
  • Integrity – The online gaming industry is not a highly volatile one, but on occasion there can be some resistance, whether internal or external. Our core principles and the review criteria are the only rules we follow.
  • Honesty – We do not have any favorites and we are impartial when ranking online casinos. Nothing can cloud are judgement because our goal is not to promote arbitrarily selected online casinos, but truly the ones that are the best and will meet your needs.
  • Relevancy – Your time and your trust are of paramount importance. Our reviews and our casino guides include only what’s relevant to the query at hand. While we try to meet the needs of a very diverse audience, a lot of information overlaps which plays to both your and our advantage. The rankings we offer are based on relevant data, excluding anything that has no effect on the end-user’s experience.
  • Completeness – The goal is to present you all the data, all the information, and then to offer our expert opinion. Without this, you can end up with a lot of questions and doubt our advice. Half research is as good as no research.

The Review Process

In short, this is how the review process looks like. There are few extra casino review steps that are not covered on this page.

  • Research – despite some brands having different offers in different states, we still like to go in detail. This is the only way to come up with an unbiased verdict on the online casino’s quality. Any section or area that can be compared is carefully logged for future reference. We base our recommendations on real data.
  • Test – while we can track and monitor the product, we must test the service the casino is capable to deliver. We don’t like to reveal much about this, but it does involve going through the whole registration process and making a real money deposit. Customer service is something that most players overlook when making a decision which online casino to join. This is the only way to guarantee we are providing you reliable and correct recommendations.
  • Monitoring – to make sure that we didn’t do the test at a bad time, during maintenance or just before a big update, we continuously monitor all online casinos. We can’t keep track of every update, but whatever the novelty is, you can find it at UScasinos in a matter of days.

Criteria for Reviews and Top Lists

It’s essential that you know how we do conduct casino tests and what we base on all our top lists. Here’s a detailed list of what we take in consideration.

  • Security – We at UScasinos.com showcase only casino sites that are legal in the US. However, we also mention illegal brands that you should stay away from. Any casino that’s labelled as recommended holds a gaming license in the US. The casino games are subject to some restrictions and availability based on licensing.
  • Game variety – The casino game lobby is the core of any online casino. We pay great attention to the quality and the diversity of the casino games. In addition, the interface and game filters play an important role as well.
  • Casino bonus offer – This is the first stop for many casino players which is why we go deep to the smallest of details. Even one bonus term can change the nature of the bonus offer.
  • Customer support – In case problems occur, the customer service must be there to assist. While we do not include a section on customer support in our reviews, we include the ratings in the “expert’s opinion” part in every casino review.
  • Payment and banking terms – Starting to play with real money without considering payout methods can lead to many delays. However, we also investigate details, payout times and if there any potential concerns we must address. UScasinos.com always recommends which payment method you should go for and why.
  • Company reputation and past performance – This is the first area we investigate as it gives us leads what we should look into first and in the greatest detail. We can learn so much about a casino by its history and where they’ve been.
  • Licensing – This defines the online gaming offer. We are doing everything in our capacity to deliver as detailed casino reviews as possible, including the availability of licensed US online casinos. Where they are available, and when they are going to become available in your state, if there are any rumors on it.

Some online casinos require a focus on a coulpe of these, whereas others take more time. Nevertheless, we never compromise, instead, we take our time to collect all data and information before we come up with a conclusion and a final rating.

How Does Our Business Model Work?

We depend on you, which is just another reason why we must stay true to you and ourselves. Clicking a button or a link that takes you to an online casino attaches a cookie, sort of a tag to your browser. This tracking does not track your activity pass our site or the respective casino to which the link belongs. You can learn more about our privacy policy here.

If you join with one of our links, we receive a small commission from the casino as a marketing fee. Luckily, the US online casino market is a competitive and we have quite a lot of options in store for you. Our listings are unbiased because the only way for us to grow is to be honest, transparent, and independent, both with our online casino reviews and our top casino listings.