Are the highest slot machine jackpot winners coming from online casinos?

The dream of many a casino player is to land an enormous, life-changing slot machine jackpot. For a long time, that meant taking a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino. The legalization and growth of online casinos means that players can try and land a bumper payday from the comfort of their own home by playing […]

Are live dealer online casinos rigged?

live casinos' dealers

If you’re new to the world of online gambling, you might have seen live dealer online casinos. As the name suggests, they combine elements of both live and online gambling. In short, instead of playing against a computer, you play games like live blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino poker against a real live dealer, just […]

These Are The Most Luxurious Airbnbs in Las Vegas

Ever closed your eyes and dreamt of enjoying the luxurious lifestyle of the Vegas glitterati? The high life in the entertainment capital of the world can cost a pretty penny but you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy some luxury, Vegas-style. Platforms like Airbnb mean that you can rent out high end properties […]

The 5 Biggest Casino Cheaters In The Industry

biggest casino cheaters

Millions of people head to American casinos every year to try and land a fortune. Not all of them try and do it legitimately though. There are always a few casino cheaters who attempt to bend or even break the rules to try and grab an advantage. Here are five of the biggest scandals to […]

Are you ready for these top 10 gambling tattoo ideas?

top 10 gambling tattoo ideas

Once the preserve of gnarly old sailors, tattoos are now hugely popular everywhere, from athletes to artists, influencers to social media stars. One great theme to consider if you’re considering getting inked, and you enjoy a night at the casino, is a gambling tattoo. How about a lucky motif? Or maybe a reminder of a […]

USCasinos Guide to Online Casino Safety

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, gambling is defined as “the practice of risking money or other stakes in a game or bet”. For most people, it’s an entertaining sideline that can liven up a sports event or a trip to a live or online casino. For a minority though, gambling can be problematic. Some players […]

These are the top 3 most pet friendly casinos in Las Vegas

Top 3 friendly casinos in Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas is on the bucket list of many travelers. Given the amazing variety of entertainment, nightlife, dining and gaming on offer, that’s understandable. What if you have a pet though? Is Vegas really pet friendly? If you’re a dog owner, there are plenty of options available to give your pooch a […]

The 3 most popular Twitch casino streamers to watch now

The most popular casino streamers to watch

Casino streaming has become hugely popular with millions of viewers watching the best in the business ply their trade on online platforms such as Twitch. It’s easy to see why too. With charismatic, entertaining hosts, it’s easy to get drawn in, especially given the potential for big wins and of course, big losses playing Twitch […]

How to Land Your Next Job Interview as a Casino Dealer

Sick of your current job? Looking for a new career? One occupation that offers expanding opportunities is the role of casino dealer. The live casino industry was hit hard by COVID. On average, casino hotels lost a massive 263 jobs per establishment according to figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. To put that […]

Do you own a fake social media account?

Elon Musk’s proposed $44 billion takeover of Twitter appears to have hit the buffers with the billionaire businessman citing concerns about the number of fake social media accounts. Setting up a fake account is easy and there are sometimes very good reasons to do so. Whistle blowers wanting to report unethical behavior can do so, […]