Casino Trends: Are Billionaires Making Money Only From Casinos in 2022?

Casino trends 2022

2021 was a good year for billionaires. According to the Forbes World’s Billionaires List, there were a record-breaking 2,755 billionaires in 2021, up 660 from the previous year. Researchers at have taken a closer look at casino trends and the fortunes of gambling billionaires. Do they actually make most of their money from their […]

Kentucky Derby Hat Millinery: The Essential Guide

Kentucky Derby Millinery featured image

There’s no bigger date on the American horse racing calendar than the Kentucky Derby. The country’s premier thoroughbred race returns to Churchill Downs in Louisville on Saturday, 7 May 2022. Expectant owners, trainers, and jockeys will be hoping in the footsteps of legends like Secretariat, American Pharaoh, and Justify by winning the big one. Messier, […]

Are Americans Getting Enough Sleep These Days?

America's sleep patterns

It’s World Sleep Day on March 18, 2022. The watchwords for this year’s campaign are ‘Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World’. Are Americans getting enough healthy sleep? Researchers at have looked at the latest sleep statistics. With additional insight from the Richmond Foundation, they try to answer the question of whether Americans are getting […]

Who is Billy Walters and Where is He Now?

Billy Walters

There are few bigger names in the world of American gambling than Billy Walters. A poker champion and an ace sports bettor, the Kentucky-born gambler became a Las Vegas legend worth an estimated $500 million. It’s not just in sports betting that Walters enjoyed great success. He also became a hugely profitable businessman, celebrity golf […]

The 5 Most Exciting Gambling Japanese Anime Characters

Gambling japanese anime characters

What is it that makes Japanese anime characters quite so popular? There’s a unique style to anime series which is very easy on the eye. They’re usually bright, colorful, and extremely stylish. If you like animated series with loads of visual flair, Japanese anime art usually delivers it. The action scenes are usually especially well […]

The Most Essential Tech Accessories for Online Casino Players

tech casino accessoires

All you really need to join the action at an online casino is a computer, tablet, or smartphone. That stripped-back setup probably won’t offer the best possible gaming experience though. A few well-chosen tech casino accessories can really enhance the action. Of course, what a novice requires will be very different from an experienced player. […]

Celebrity Gamblers: Who Loves Taking a Shot in Vegas?

Casinos and gambling have provided inspiration for a host of hit movies from cult classics like ‘Rounders’ through to big-budget extravaganzas like the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ franchise. And a James Bond film wouldn’t be a Bond film if 007 didn’t do some high stakes wagering. Many an actor has been seduced by the bright lights of […]

Most Famous Casino YouTube Slots Stars Net Worth in 2022

youtube slots stars

With so much top-quality content from the world of sport, music, and entertainment available on YouTube, why would you want to watch someone else play slots? In fact, there are a number of very good reasons why YouTube slot videos have become so popular. YouTube casino slots wins are becoming trendier than ever. First and […]

Planning a Las Vegas Long Weekend With $300 (updated 2022)

Las Vegas is widely considered the entertainment capital of the world. It can be hard knowing what to pick with so much going on. However, the ultimate question is whether you can have a Las Vegas long weekend itinerary with just $300 in your pocket? In this blog post, we will give you an overview […]

How Top Hits Skyrocketed the Value of Musicians’ Instagram Posts

How top hits skyrocketed the value of music artists' instagram posts

The music and social media elements combine in the latest research from the US online casinos gaming review site which looks at how much musicians net worth increased on Instagram in 2021 when they had a song in the Billboard chart. What is, for instance, Taylor Swift’s net worth on Instagram in 2021? ‘Easy on […]