Casino Surveillance in the US: Facts & Figures

Surveillance land-based casinos facts

Watch a movie or TV show that features a casino and you’ll usually see some kind of security team watching over the gaming floor. How does the fictional version stack up with what really happens? Are there really cameras watching your every move? One former casino surveillance operator has taken to Reddit to tell casino goers what really goes on in the eyes in the sky.

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Question 1: Are there cameras in casinos?

With so much money on offer and plenty of unscrupulous people trying to gain an unfair advantage by cheating, casinos are among the most closely watched places in the world.

There are cameras throughout most casino properties including the gaming floor, restaurants, theatres, poker rooms, etc. They’re just about everywhere you can think of apart from bathrooms and bedrooms. The anonymous Reddit source claimed that the casino he worked at had more than 3,000 cameras. If something doesn’t look right, someone will usually spot it.

Question 2: How long do casinos keep CCTV footage?

This varies from state to state. The state where the casino surveillance operative worked required venues to keep hold of all footage for at least 14 days. In some states, it’s longer than that.

The quality of footage has improved greatly in recent years. Gone are the grainy black and white videos where it’s difficult to see what’s what. Many casinos have access to super sharp HD imagery which makes it that much more straightforward to keep an eye on what’s going on.

Question 3: Do casinos use facial recognition technology?

In the majority of cases, no. Tech is available though if someone suspected of cheating or angle shooting at another venue decides to try their luck at a new venue. This technology is improving all the time so expect casinos to use it in the future.

Question 4: Do casinos have undercover security?

Casinos don’t just rely on technology for surveillance. You’ll usually see security guards in uniform at most venues. They’re joined by teams of undercover surveillance staff who blend in with the public. If they’re doing their job properly, you won’t even know they’re there.

Question 5: Does Casino keep track of your winning?

Casinos don’t keep track of every last penny that’s won by players. You can be sure that they’ll take an interest in someone who lands a big win though. Hit a bumper jackpot on a progressive slot machine and the casino will check there wasn’t any funny business. Likewise, if you get on a hot streak at the blackjack table, they’ll ensure that the money was won fairly and no cheating took place.

Casinos aren’t out to get players who win legitimately and fairly. If there weren’t any winners, there’d be nobody playing at the casino tables at all. However, online casinos can present themselves as an alternative to land-based casinos, so if you don’t feel like being observed every now and then check these online casino welcome bonuses.

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