Live Online Blackjack in the US

Browse the best live blackjack casinos in the US. These sites have been hand-picked by our team of in-house experts. Our top list is based on strict criteria such as betting limits, game variety, and security.

Learn the advantages of live dealer blackjack and the various game types available. Explore unique side bets and discover casino bonuses that you can use with online live blackjack.


Best Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

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Pulsz Casino

5,000 Coins + 2 Sweepstakes Coins Bonus

2 Sweepstakes Coins + 5,000 Gold Coins

Pulsz Casino
American Express

250 $VC Bonus

$250 Free Virtual Credits

American Express
Gambino Slots

200 FS Bonus

200 Free spins

Gambino Slots


250K Gold Coins + $25 Stake Cash
Fortune Coins

150,000 Coins Bonus

150,000 GC + 400 FC

Fortune Coins
American Express
1x bonus
MyChoice Casino

2,000,000 Coins Bonus

2,000,000 Free Coins

MyChoice Casino
American Express

1,000,000 Coins Bonus

1,000,000 Free Coins

American Express
LuckyLand Slots

2,000,000 Coins Bonus

2,000,000 Free Coins

LuckyLand Slots
American Express
Huuuge Casino

500,000 Coins Bonus

500,000 Free Coins

Huuuge Casino
American Express
DoubleDown Casino

1,000,000 Chips Bonus

1,000,000 Free Chips

DoubleDown Casino
American Express

How We Rate The Best Live Blackjack Casinos

Gain an insight into our rating process and learn how we rank live dealer blackjack casinos. Our top list is based on strict criteria to ensure you have a good experience when you play live blackjack online.

  • security and fair play
    Security & fair play

    We ensure you’re always playing at a licensed live blackjack casino, that also provides a secure connection through SSL encryption. For blackjack money management, we ensure to choose casinos that offer spending limits, loss limits, wager limits and session limits.

  • game variety
    Game variety

    Live dealer blackjack variety is key in our selection process. The US market overall doesn’t have a lot of variety in this regard, but some casinos are better than others. We analyze the games, their payouts, and betting limits to ensure there is a blackjack table suited to every type of player.

  • payout speed and limits
    Payout speed & limits

    Blackjack is also a high-roller game, and we ensure you have suitable, high-limit payment options at your disposal. Just as important, we look for live blackjack online casinos that process withdrawals as fast as possible.

  • mobile compatibility
    Mobile compatibility

    Live blackjack on mobile can work differently and we ensure the tables on offer are fully mobile-compatible. This means an easy-to-use interface, easy access to bets and side bets, live chat, and a well-performing mobile app overall.

  • customer support
    Customer support

    Customer support essential for a good live blackjack experience if problems or questions arise. For any queries you have, we ensure you’re always backed by a fast and knowledgeable support team at your disposal via live chat.

Our goal is to offer the best live dealer blackjack casino sites. We keep our top list regularly updated. Nonetheless, you can use our selection process as a guide when browsing casinos by yourself.


How to Start Playing Live Dealer Blackjack Online

Use our step-by-step guide if you haven’t played at a live blackjack casino before.

It provides specific instructions on finding the best live dealer blackjack variant before placing your first real money bet.

open the live dealer lobby
Open the live dealer lobby

The live dealer lobby is typically a sub-category of the normal games lobby.

check the available tables
Check the available tables

Open the live dealer lobby and browse through the blackjack table variety. Each table has different rules and limits.

open the game info tab
Open the game info tab

The game info tab gives you a full description of the game and its rules. If unavailable, consult customer support via live chat.

examine the rules and payouts
Examine the rules and payouts

Each live dealer blackjack table has different rules, payouts and RTP. As a rule of thumb, you should always choose the highest RTP table.

make a real money deposit
Make a real money deposit

You will need to deposit real cash to be able to place bets. Demo mode and free play is not available in live dealer blackjack.

place your bets
Place your bets

Start placing your bets and enjoy your live blackjack experience.


Live Dealer Blackjack vs Virtual Blackjack

Live blackjack online offers many advantages when compared to regular blackjack variants, which are driven entirely by computer software.

The biggest draw of live blackjack online is that it simulates a real-world environment. The dealer is an actual person, and you are sitting at a table next to players just like you. The game may look different, but you can as easily employ basic strategy and, to some extent, even blackjack card counting.

The dealer, table, and its surroundings are visible thanks to high-definition streams in real time.

You can interact with players and the dealer through an integrated live chat box.

What’s more, live blackjack is more innovative and diverse. There are unique game variants with exciting side bets that aren’t always found in regular blackjack.

Live dealer blackjack
  • Play against real dealers
  • Higher limits
  • Better variety
  • Social interactions
  • Slower game rounds
  • Not all tables are open 24/7
  • Some tables may be full
Virtual blackjack
  • Faster gameplay
  • Multi-hand game variants
  • No social interactions
  • Lower betting limits

There are some downsides to live blackjack, despite its overwhelming advantages. The higher betting limits on many tables can be unsuitable to some players when we consider that minimum bets can go as high as $25 or more. Even the minimum bet of $1 is relatively high compared to virtual online blackjack games, which start at $0.20 per game round.

Moreover, some tables are only open during certain hours of the day. Also, the table you want to play on can be full, as many are limited to 7 players.

You can ease these annoyances through variants like Infinite Blackjack, which don’t have a player limit. On some full live blackjack tables, the “Bet Behind” feature still lets you play but with another player’s cards.

It’s also noteworthy that standard blackjack allows for more rounds per hour, which can be essential for players trying to maximize earnings and practice strategies.

That is because you don’t have to wait for other players to make their moves. Also, the computer driving the software is faster at dealing with and restarting rounds compared to an actual person interacting with the table and players.


Types of Live Dealer Blackjack

We present the types of live blackjack online available at US casino sites. Overall, there isn’t a lot of variety on offer compared to European casinos, which the same software providers power.

We are certain this will change in time as more licenses and partnerships are formed between casinos, providers, and states.

For the time being, these are the most common live blackjack variants available online.

  • unlimited blackjack
    Unlimited Blackjack

    Based on the “common draw” game format, Unlimited Blackjack allows for an infinite number of players to place bets at the same time, ignoring seating limits. That is because all players are dealt the same “common cards” face-up, but through virtual cards they can continue the game rounds with separate hands. In this game variant, some pairs are automatically split.

  • infinite blackjack
    Infinite Blackjack

    Infinite Blackjack works on the same principle as Unlimited Blackjack, and it is produced by Evolution Gaming. This game, however, does not automatically split certain hand pairs. As such, the house edge is a bit different, but nonetheless it remains over 99%.

  • high limit blackjack
    High Limit Blackjack

    Designed for high-rollers, High Limit Blackjack has a minimum bet of $100 and a maximum of $10,000 – per game round. The RTP is 99% and side-bets are available. The downside is that typically this table is not available 24/7.

  • atlantic city blackjack
    Atlantic City Blackjack

    Regarded as the base form of blackjack in US online casinos, Atlantic City Blackjack features a high RTP of 99%, side-bets, and a high minimum bet of $25, that goes up to $2500 – per game round.

  • eagles blackjack
    Eagles Blackjack

    Eagles Blackjack was created in partnership with the NFL franchise. The game is themed around the Philadelphia Eagles, but it is available in multiple states.


Different Bets in Online Live Blackjack

Live blackjack doesn’t stray from classic blackjack formats, and you won’t find bizarre rules that would surprise experienced blackjack players. Instead, live dealer blackjack adds on extras in the form of special bets or features. We’ll familiarize you with these features and provide an overview.

Bet Behind

Bet Behind is a feature unique to live dealer blackjack tables.

It is always available on select tables, but its primary goal is to let players bet on a full table. How betting behind works is straightforward. You are putting yourself in the shoes of another player.

Your stake won or lost, entirely depends on that player’s cards and how he decides to make his moves.

Bet Behind is far from optimal, but it’s an okay band-aid solution for busy tables. The better alternative would be to play Unlimited or Infinite Blackjack, where the player count is irrelevant, thanks to the common draw game format.

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is a side bet in live blackjack that is not part of classic blackjack bets and rules. The good thing about side bets is they can be made in addition to your main bet.

From your perspective, the table’s RTP will be lower if you make side bets every round. Some of these bets have high payouts, but an even higher comparative risk. On the flip side, side bets offer extra entertainment and dynamic to your game rounds.

There are three types of Perfect Pair side bets:

  • Perfect Pair

Produce a win when the first two cards you’re dealt form a pair of the same rank and suit.

  • Colored Pair

Produce a win when the first two cards you’re dealt form a pair of the same rank and color but different suits.

  • Mixed Pair

Produce a win when the first two cards you’re dealt form a pair of the same rank but a different suit and color.

21+3 bet

This side bet considers the first three cards on the table: the first two cards you’re dealt + the dealer’s up-card.

This side bet borrows an element of poker, as you’ll see below.

There are five different 21+3 side bet types in live dealer blackjack online.

  • Suited Trips

Produce a win when you form a completely identical 3-card combination. Example: 3 Kings of Spades.

  • Straight Flush

Produce a win when you form a 3-card combination in the numerical sequence of the same suit. Example: 8, 9, and 10 of Spades.

  • Three of a Kind

Produce a win when you form a 3-card combination with the same value, irrelevant of suit and color. Example: 3 Jacks of any suit and color.

  • Straight

Produce a win when you form a 3-card combination in numerical sequence, irrelevant of suit and color. Example: 9, 10, and Jacks of any suit and color.

  • Flush

Produce a win when you form a 3-card combination of the same suit, irrelevant of sequence and color. Example: 5, 9, and Queen of Spades.

Payouts of Side Bets in Live Dealer Blackjack

Explore this full payout chart of all possible side bets commonly found in live blackjack online. Keep in mind that payouts can vary slightly by table and casino.

Perfect Pair25:1
Colored Pair12:1
Mixed Pair6:1
Suited Trips100:1
Straight Flush40:1
Three of a Kind25:1

Why Play at Live Blackjack Casinos?

You should consider the different aspects of live blackjack casino sites that will provide a better experience when playing in live lobbies. We will provide an overview and insight into the best parts of each casino aspect, such as the top payment methods for live blackjack, what to look for in bonuses, the best software providers, and compatibility with mobile devices.


Online Live Blackjack Bonuses

At US online casinos, most welcome bonuses can be wagered on live blackjack. However, the wagering contribution tends to be much lower than slots.

The typical contribution for live blackjack is 10%, compared to the usual 100% on slots.

This means that a $10 bet on blackjack is considered as $1 wagered toward a bonus. Compared to slots, where a $10 bet means $10 wagered.

On the much more positive side, live blackjack casinos don’t impose betting limits for live dealer tables when you have an active bonus in your account.

This can greatly speed up your wagering process. Theoretically, you make huge bets and, in extreme cases, complete the entire wagering process in minutes.

You can also use some no deposit bonus offers on live blackjack tables, but they are low in value, hard to find, and sometimes limited to slots only.


Payment Methods

It is beneficial to prefer specific payment methods over others when playing live dealer blackjack. That is because blackjack’s high betting limits let you play around with substantial amounts of cash. However, some payment options have strict deposit and withdrawal limits.

The payment limits are often independent from casinos, as the payment provider itself imposes them.

We highlight the most blackjack-friendly payment options with the highest limits for deposits and withdrawals. If you care about payout speed, we recommend you consider PayPal as your top option since Bank Transfer and other options process withdrawals much slower.


Software Providers

Live dealer blackjack tables in the US are currently produced by 2 companies: Evolution Gaming and Ezugi Live. Evolution Gaming is the best live gaming studio in the world, having produced many innovative, state-of-the-art live gaming tables over the years.

In many ways, Evolution is better than Ezugi, even though Ezugi is trying to catch up and copy some of Evolution’s most popular game formats. If given a choice, we always recommend playing live blackjack from Evolution. Evolution is also ahead in other game types such as live baccarat online.

If you wish to learn more about these providers and find top casino partners, have a look below.


Mobile Live Dealer Blackjack

Every live blackjack casino offers the same variety and quality of live dealer blackjack tables. You will have to download an app for iOS or Android to enjoy the mobile casino. The rate in casino apps may vary, as some are better optimized.

Keep in mind that playing live blackjack online on your mobile can be taxing when it comes to performance. What’s more, the data requirements are higher, and it will drain your monthly limit faster than regular play, considering you will constantly have to look at a high-definition stream.

Some live blackjack tables allow you to change the stream quality to reduce data requirements. There are no differences between mobile and desktop live blackjack in gameplay mechanics. However, the user interface on mobile will be more minimal while still allowing you access to key functionalities like live chat, side bets, and navigation menus.

Click on your desired state and check the top-rated mobile casinos offering live dealer blackjack. You can also see the number of available tables and our recommended best variant.

Online casinoNumber of live tablesBest live blackjack game
Golden Nugget Casino9Atlantic City Blackjack
BetMGM Casino4Infinite Blackjack
Caesars Casino6Unlimited Blackjack
Online casinoNumber of live tablesBest live blackjack game
BetRivers Casino2Exclusive Live Dealer Blackjack
Borgata Casino2Infinite Blackjack
Unibet Casino2Steelers Blackjack
Online casinoNumber of live tablesBest live blackjack game
BetMGM Casino2Infinite Blackjack
FanDuel Casino5FanDuel Exclusive Blackjack
BetRivers Casino2Classic Blackjack
Online casinoNumber of live tablesBest live blackjack game
Golden Nugget Casino7Infinite Blackjack
WynnBET Casino2WynnBET Live Blackjack
FanDuel Casino5FanDuel Exclusive Blackjack

Alternatives to Live Blackjack

Consider that you can find different live games to explore that offer the classics we know and love, enhanced by certain twists in gameplay to make them more engaging.

Game providers have taken the liberty to experiment and innovate with these games. You can find unique variants that improve their classic formats and provide more interesting gameplay, such as Lightning Roulette and Baccarat Squeeze.



Live blackjack offers the next best thing to physically going to a land casino. The social interactions, HD streams, and side bets make live dealer blackjack tables one of the most entertaining options at online casinos.

That’s without mentioning the game’s naturally high RTP rate of over 99%, which stands true for all variants available across US online casinos.

Before playing, consider the type of blackjack you’re after, and you can enjoy live tables equally on desktop and mobile. The downside is that free play is unavailable, and some live blackjack tables have comparatively higher limits than virtual blackjack. To get started, choose a casino and follow our step-by-step guide.



No, online live blackjack is not rigged. Gaming studios that operate live dealer lobbies are regularly monitored and audited to ensure no foul play is at hand. These audits are performed from a technical perspective. Also, live dealers are professionally trained and go through background checks, just as they would if they were employed in a land casino.

Yes, you can play live blackjack online at any top-rated live blackjack casinos with a live dealer lobby. The only requirement is to make a real money deposit and create your free casino account. Free play is not available here because the game is played against real people.

No, it is technically impossible for online blackjack dealers to cheat because of the implementation of proper technology and security measures. For example, the dealer must scan every card before they deal it to players and the table. Every move is recorded and monitored to ensure no cheating can possibly happen, and there are algorithms in place that can detect issues automatically.

The best live blackjack depends on the game rules you’re after as well as your budget. The types of live blackjack at casinos are tailored towards different players. For example, High Limit Blackjack has the highest RTP, but a minimum bet requirement of $100 per game round. Atlantic City Blackjack has a slightly lower RTP of 99%, and a minimum bet of $25, whereas Unlimited and Infinite Blackjack have an RTP of over 99% and a minimum bet of $1.

No, online blackjack dealers can’t see you or hear you, but they can read your messages in the live chat box and respond to interact. In fact, this is one of the biggest draws of live dealer blackjack.

In some games where the deck penetration can reach about 50%, it is theoretically possible to get some results through card counting. However, we can confidently say that card counting is not worth trying online, since dealers are instructed to re-shuffle the decks at about 50% deck penetration.

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