Online Baccarat for Real Money in the US

Browse the best Baccarat online casinos in the US, independently reviewed by our team of in-house experts. These sites are hand-picked based on security, games, payouts, and bonuses.

On this page, you can learn about types of Baccarat, the pros and cons of playing, how to get started, and Baccarat casino bonuses.


Best Baccarat Online Casinos in 2024

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Pulsz Casino

5,000 Coins + 2 Sweepstakes Coins Bonus

2 Sweepstakes Coins + 5,000 Gold Coins

Pulsz Casino
American Express

250 $VC Bonus

$250 Free Virtual Credits

American Express
Gambino Slots

200 FS Bonus

200 Free spins

Gambino Slots


250K Gold Coins + $25 Stake Cash
Fortune Coins

150,000 Coins Bonus

150,000 GC + 400 FC

Fortune Coins
American Express
1x bonus
MyChoice Casino

2,000,000 Coins Bonus

2,000,000 Free Coins

MyChoice Casino
American Express

1,000,000 Coins Bonus

1,000,000 Free Coins

American Express
LuckyLand Slots

2,000,000 Coins Bonus

2,000,000 Free Coins

LuckyLand Slots
American Express
Huuuge Casino

500,000 Coins Bonus

500,000 Free Coins

Huuuge Casino
American Express
DoubleDown Casino

1,000,000 Chips Bonus

1,000,000 Free Chips

DoubleDown Casino
American Express

How We Rate the Best Baccarat Casinos?

Take a look at our selection process for rating online baccarat casinos. You can look at these criteria when judging a baccarat casino online by yourself.

  • security
    Security and fair play

    Security is our primary concern which is why the first thing we look is licensing information. We only feature legally licensed online casinos within US borders. That way, you and all your deposits come protected by law, unlike the case with some offshore casinos.

  • baccarat bonuses
    Bonuses and promotions

    Next to games, bonuses play a big role. They can be quite lucrative on Baccarat, but as we said the wagering requirements are much higher. There are many casinos that offer great bonuses even the beyond the welcome offer, through loyalty rewards, tournaments, cash backs and similar.

  • variety of games
    Game availability

    The gaming variety outside Baccarat is just as important for variety’s sake. We select Baccarat online casinos rich in slots, other table games, poker, live casino tables, and more. Baccarat itself doesn’t have much variety, but some providers like Evolution put Baccarat in the spotlight with their fantastic tables like Baccarat Squeeze.

  • payment speed
    Payment speed

    The payout speed is typically the fastest through e-wallets, so we feature online baccarat casinos that offer this option. Bank transfers, in-person payments, and credit cards are additional options you’ll run into.

  • customer treatment
    Customer support

    Customer support includes the availability of live chat and response times. Typically the best casinos have a fast live chat service, preferably around the clock. However, 24/7 support times are still not a standard in the US like in some leading European casinos.


How to Start Playing Baccarat Online?

Creating your casino account is one of the first steps when starting. However, there are some additional steps that you need to account for before making your first bet at a baccarat online casino.

choose site
Choose site

Choose a Baccarat online casino from our top list. Create your free account.

select and open game
Select and open a game

Once you have an account, head to the Games library open a game of Baccarat.

place your bet
Place your bet

You can place a bet on Player, Banker or Tie

look at your cards
Look at the cards

After bets are placed, Player and Banker get two cards each

winner is declared
A winner is declared

The side with the card sum closest to 9 is the winning hand

third card draw
(Optional step) Third card draw

After the initial 2 cards, If the sum of Player or Banker hand is between 0-5, dealer shows a third card.


Pros and Cons of Baccarat

Baccarat is well known as a simple game with good odds, as its RTP is usually over 98%. In the classic format, there are only 3 bet types. Optimal play means betting on Banker every single game round.

As you can tell, this can get old quickly, and the excitement levels are generally low. The gameplay isn’t dynamic, and there’s no room for complex strategies to give you the upper hand.

Besides adding some low-value side bets, casino operators haven’t done much to spice up baccarat, so there is a limited variety of games to choose from. The best variety is usually found at live baccarat casinos online.

  • High RTP
  • Fast game rounds
  • Easy to learn
  • Widely available
  • Available in live casinos
  • High limits
  • Lacking in variety
  • Repetitive gameplay

As a positive, Baccarat’s simplicity and favorable odds make it ideal for every type of player, especially beginners to casino gaming.

Perhaps counter-intuitively, this game is well-known as the high-roller’s game at land casinos in Vegas, Macau and Atlantic City. As such, the game typically has high limits at online casinos as well, making it suitable if you’re a high-roller yourself.


Baccarat Casino Bonuses

Even a table game like Baccarat is not excluded from bonuses. The best Baccarat online casinos offer a sizable welcome bonus that can be wagered on standard and live baccarat. Here are the types of baccarat bonuses you can claim.

Remember that wagering on Baccarat can take 10 times as long as slots. At least in theory. If a bonus wagering requirements are 25x, they are usually 250x for tables like Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack.

However, US casinos don’t tend to limit the player bet size during wagering compared to European casinos.

This is significant because you can complete the wagering process faster than playing slots. It’s more beneficial to play Baccarat with a bonus in US online casinos compared to the rest of the world.


Types of Online Baccarat Games

Compared to Blackjack, Roulette, and especially slots, Baccarat is extremely limited in variety. There are only a handful of notable variants available at US online casinos.

  • baccarat table
    Classic Baccarat

    This is the traditional version of baccarat. You’re betting on which side will win – the Player, the Banker, or if it’s a Tie. The side with the highest hand total wins, with the maximum being a 9.

  • text showing punto banco baccarat
    Punto Banco Baccarat

    In this version, you choose to bet on the Punto (punter, player), the Banco (banker), or Tie. The dealer will then deal two cards face up to both the Punto and the Banco and will, accordingly to the rules, either deal one more card or leave it as it is.

  • three cards above a baccarat table
    Three Card Baccarat

    This type is a simplified version of classic baccarat and Punto Banco and is played with one 52-card deck and three cards. The rules are the same as in regular baccarat; however, a hand with three face cards is actually worth the most, while 9 is the second-best hand (which is usually the highest).

  • text showing no commission baccarat
    No Comission Baccarat

    In Classic Baccarat, the dealer takes a 5% commission for every winning bet of the Banker, while in No Commission, it does not. The only exception is when the Banker wins with any value of 6 (1 in every 19 hands), then the commission is 50%.

  • text showing baccarat squeeze
    Baccarat Squeeze

    This game adds a new dimension to the regular one and is usually available as a live dealer game. The dealer quickly reveals cards for the hand associated with the lower total and will squeeze cards dealt to the hand associated with the higher total.

  • text showing control squeeze baccarat
    Control Squeeze Baccarat

    This variant lets you can take control of the squeeze yourself, instead of the dealer. Just as Squeeze Baccarat it’s usually available in the live casino.

The best variety is experienced at live dealer casinos by providers like Evolution Gaming. They offer game variants like Baccarat Squeeze, which take your gaming experience to the next level.


Free vs Real Money Baccarat

Baccarat is a simple game but playing for free as a beginner can be useful until you master its set of rules, bets, and payouts. Free play also lets you practice strategies risk-free, and you won’t be bound by time limits as well.

Real money play lets you claim casino bonuses, enjoy live tables, and it ups the overall entertainment level, considering real cash is at stake.

Free baccarat
  • Learn the game at no cost
  • Practice strategies
  • No time & budget limits
  • Can't claim bonuses
  • Can't play live tables
Real money baccarat
  • Win real money
  • Play live baccarat
  • Claim bonus offers
  • Higher entertainment
  • Risk losing money

5 Tips Before You Play Baccarat Online

Since Baccarat games don’t involve significant player input, there is no room for strategizing. This game offers good odds, but luck will be your only deciding factor.

We offer valuable tips for playing at online Baccarat casinos and the game itself, such as the appropriate bet type for players interested in maximum profit.

  1. Don’t bet on tie – For players looking to maximize profits, betting on tie will never be worth it in the long run. The odds of a tie are less than 10% and the payouts don’t match the risk involved, compared to Player and Banker bets.
  2. Avoid Baccarat betting systems  – Betting systems, such as the Martingale, are a common gambling fallacy that is usually related to simple games like Baccarat online. In reality, no betting system can change the odds of the game, therefore it can’t help you win more. What’s more, some of these betting systems can be dangerous. They insist on increasing your bet after a loss, quickly leading to exponential losses.
  3. Choose the game with best odds  – Simple enough, but still needs to be said. There are several Baccarat online variants, including live Baccarat. Some of these come with interesting, extra features, or a completely new betting type, but with reduced odds compared to traditional options. The game info is available within each game interface, where you can see the odds for yourself.
  4. Be careful with your budget – Playing with a predetermined budget applies to Baccarat very closely, as this high-roller friendly game typically allows super-high betting limits where big swings in loss and profit happen in a flash.
  5. Don’t chase losses – Not chasing losses goes hand in hand with having a predetermined bankroll. It’s the most common way people lose way more than they intend to. On a losing streak, it’s best to take a break and go back with a fresh mindset.

Baccarat Player Guides

Take a deep dive into Baccarat’s odds, payouts, and the house edge on our how-to-play page.

Learn the best bet types and why players prefer them. Discover how to play the game from a beginner’s perspective.

Our strategy page explores various strategies and how they work and apply to Baccarat.

  • baccarat table with a question mark
    How to Play Baccarat

    Discover how to play baccarat as a complete beginner. Learn the rules, odds, payouts and everything you need to get started.

  • baccarat elements next to loudspeaker
    Baccarat Strategy

    Learn the most popular Baccarat strategies, and discover how they work.


Alternative Game Types

Baccarat is the most straightforward table game, which is its biggest downfall. It can get boring fast. Games like Blackjack offer more involved, dynamic gameplay if that’s what you’re after.

Roulette offers similar odds and gameplay to Baccarat but with an arguably more exciting wheel system and no cards.

Video Poker is an exciting mix of slots and poker, which can also satisfy card game players.



Baccarat is a high-roller game, but it’s one of the most beginner-friendly casino games. It combines the simplicity of Roulette with the sense of control brought by card games like Blackjack and Poker.

The game’s easy access will appeal to many, but this simplicity is also why Baccarat is not as popular as Blackjack and Roulette in the US.

Nonetheless, you can enjoy it in many regular and live dealer variants at any of the best Baccarat casino sites.



Yes, many US online casinos let you play Baccarat online for free or real money. All you have to do is sign-up at a casino by creating your free account. For real play, you will have to make a cash deposit using your payment method of choice.

Baccarat is much simpler than Blackjack, and it doesn’t involve any element of skill. As a 100% luck-based game, it differs quite a bit from Blackjack. Both games are played using cards, but Blackjack allows for more player input and strategy during gameplay.

No, online Baccarat is not rigged. You should not worry about this if you are playing at a licensed US casino. These sites go through regular audits, and they are partnered with game providers who must also acquire a license of their own. Operators and game suppliers are subject to strict monitoring and can face heavy penalties or closures for trying to tamper with games.

There aren’t many Baccarat types available since the game has a very simple identity. Typically, No Commission variants are “most wanted” by players for offering even lower house edge than the normal variants. There is also Mini Baccarat and Baccarat Control, which don’t change the game play in any significant way.

Yes, live dealer Baccarat offers the best experience you can find online. Its focus on high-definition streams creates an immersive atmosphere. The dealers are professional, engaging, and willing to chat, further improving your enjoyment. What’s more, you can play unique game variants like Baccarat Squeeze.

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