Careers at is a premier resource for expert casino reviews and insightful information on US gambling laws. Each team member has a valuable part to play – no job is too big or too small.

Read on to learn more about our company values and determine if we’re a good match.


Why UScasinos?

Each time we post a UScasinos casino review, we aim to set higher, safer standards for gambling. After all, players are always the reason why we aim for the most transparent information.

Employee growth and development are very important to us. For this reason, we strive to cultivate a work environment that encourages creativity, growth, and motivation.

Our parent company, Kafe Rocks, has a strong global reputation in the gaming industry, but especially among our employees. In fact, Kafe Rocks was among the finalists for the iGaming Idol Employer of the Year Award in 2021.

uscasinos remote working

Remote working

All of our positions allow Rocketeers to work completely remotely. Regardless of your location, you will feel at home.

uscasinos flexibility


Life gets in the way sometimes, and we understand everyone has a different routine. We trust you, if something comes up, or you need to adjust your schedule, let us know!

uscasinos team meetup

Teem meetup

We regularly organize online and offline events aimed at bringing everyone together. Whether we’re playing in online poker tournaments or holding group learning sessions, it’s important to have fun along the way.

uscasinos reunions


KaFe Rocks hosts a three day reunion once a year to bring everyone in the company together. During this incredible event, Rocketeers meet, conduct workshops, and share events and meals together.

uscasinos paternal leave

Parental leave

Our goal is to support and encourage happy and fulfilling family lives. Therefore, KaFe Rocks offers at least a month of parental leave for new parents when a baby joins the KaFe Rocks family.

uscasinos unlimited holidays

Unlimited holidays

Every Rocketeer at KaFe Rocks receives unlimited annual leave – we do not count our holidays. Rocketeers are trusted to manage their time effectively, while also making sure the needs of the business are met.

To learn more about our journey, mission, values, and the team behind UScasinos, visit our about us page.


Open Positions

As our team continues to expand, we’re looking to fill a few open positions.

Currently, is looking to hire freelancers with an understanding of the gaming industry.

Freelance Jobs

To build our growing company, we’re on the lookout for freelancers with a variety of skills. We offer a few different kinds of freelance jobs, which range from writing to data entry.

However, we are seeking someone with a solid background in iGaming (2+ years minimum) as well as a desire to learn even more.

Moreover, these are the main skills and qualifications:

  • Gaming experience
  • Strong understanding of casino games and slots
  • Knowledge of gambling legal framework
  • Attention to detail
  • Task flexibility
  • WordPress & other CMS

In general, some of our UScasinos freelance positions are better known as:

Content Writer
  • To produce content in line with previously provided instructions and data.
  • To proof and QA their own content before submitting it to content managers.
  • When needed, suggest topics for future tasks based on personal observation and research.
  • Content topics include but are not limited to reviews, game guides, and general online gambling guides.
Virtual Assistant
  • To upload all finished content, including all elements, alt texts, and any text formatting.
  • To create, prepare and upload screenshots based on requirements.
  • To ensure bonus information is updated at all times possible.
  • Based on the circumstances, point out errors, such as typos, to the relevant team lead.
  • To track and store data on casinos, sportsbooks, and slot games in an easy-to-digest manner and readily available for content managers and writers. Data type includes but is not limited to software providers, types of games available, number of games, licenses, etc.
  • Over time, to start offering suggestions on how we can improve content based on personal observations and competitor research.
  • To report progress and any other findings to the content team lead directly.

Not finding a role that suits your awesome skills? Email us to apply to our open application and let us know why you want to be a part of the UScasinos team.

If you want to become a permanent Rocketeer, just visit the Kafe Rocks careers center to check out the companywide open positions.


Recruitment Process

If you’d like to apply for any of our current open positions, this is the usual recruitment process:

send application via link uscasinos
Send an application

Start your career journey by finding a position suited to your skill set.

two avatar icons with comment bubbles
Talk to our team

You’ll be contacted by one of our team members to discuss UScasinos and learn more about your skills.

practical test sheet icon
Complete a test

The testing process is our opportunity to highlight your attention to detail, among many other things.

applicant and manager avatar icons with comment bubbles
Manager interview

This is your chance to meet the manager and discuss your role and familiarize yourself with the team and the role.

icon of happy uscasinos applicant
Join the team

The last step of the onboarding process is managed by our People department – including reviewing your contract and ordering any necessary equipment.


Company Values

Each of the members of our team brings a unique skill set to the table. All the while, we abide by our core Kafe Rocks company values.

  • self driven attitude
    Self - Driven Attitude

    Every Rocketeer must be able to demonstrate a self-driven attitude. Our positive energy and great work ethic set us apart from other companies.

  • greatness
    Strive For Greatness

    Our aim is to create the best work environment for our team and the best end products for our clients. We aim for greatness, and we deliver greatness.

  • user in mind
    User In Mind

    Our approach to everything we do and create is always centered around one question: how does this benefit the user?

  • trust

    As our workplace is unique, trust is crucial to our overall success. The senior management team and Rocketeer relationship thrives on communication and collaboration.

  • passion heart icon with stars

    Rocketeers care deeply about their jobs and their teams, and passion is one of the main ways that we differ from our competitors. No matter what, we always go the extra mile.

  • teamwork

    KaFe Rocks is always about the people. We work together to achieve our shared goals by working as a team. Plus, even though our works remote, we look forward to meeting each other as much as possible to truly live “One KaFe Rocks”.


Apply Now

You can use the form below to apply, or alternatively, you can email us at [email protected].

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